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The Gospel Centered Home Toolkit

Do you want to transform your home for the Gospel? Do you desire to start family worship? But maybe you don't know where to start? This toolkit contains a beautiful PDF guidebook to help you in transforming your home for the Gospel AND a series of video interviews from godly families about how they focus on the Gospel in their homes.
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What you get

Printable kit & videos to help you facilitate family worship

In the toolkit you'll get:

  • Five videos from families in various stages of life, sharing what family worship looks like to them
  • 2 sets of Scripture memory cards to memorize together
  • Book recommendation lists for further study + encouragement
  • 8 hymns to sing together as a family
  • Bible reading plan for the whole family
  • Catechism and study resources for the family
  • and more in your 26 page printable toolkit designed to help you facilitate and START family worship! 

What's Included In The Toolkit...

Video #1

Building Family Togetherness

In this video, we have interviewed 7 families and asked them "What are some of your favorite ways to build togetherness as a family?"

It's amazing to see families of different sizes and different ages share some of their favorite ways to build togetherness! 

Video #2

Lessons Learned in Marriage

In this video, we've asked the families to share "What is the most important lesson you have learned in your marriage?

The answers on this one are varied and so good! 


Video #3

Family Worship

Our third question we asked the families was "What do you do/did for family worship?"

I love how practical and SIMPLE these answers are! 

Video #4

Your Favorite Books & Resources

This might be one of my favorite questions throughout this series is "What are your favorite books on marriage, parenting, or creating a Gospel Centered Home?" 

Don't forget to check out the resources page of the toolkit for even more suggestions! 

Video #5

A Peaceful Home

This is a very sweet question! We asked the man to share "What is one thing your wife has done to create a peaceful home?" 

I love getting to hear their perspective on the things they appreciate! 

This Toolkit Is For You If...

  • You have no idea where to start with family worship
  • You'd love to see how REAL families facilitate it in their homes
  • You are looking for some encouragement in your home
  • You want 26 pages of resources to help you jump into family worship TODAY!