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Join our all new 2023 edition Meal Planning Bootcamp!! Pre-work is starting this week!

Join our NEW Build Your Natural Medicine Cabinet Bootcamp!!

Join Jami for this practical and hands-on bootcamp! We will be meeting for 5 days and cover: 

🧴 All the ingredients (like shea butter and glycerin), containers (like lotion bottles and amber glass containers), a getting started guide (we are going to make this process SUPER simple!!)
🌿 Medicinal Herbs 101: We will break down the herbs you can use in your natural medicine cabinet, how to source their, how to grow them if you want, and more!! 
🍯 Using herbs in tinctures, teas, oils, and salves (and more)
🕯 Using essential oils in a safe & healthy way - we will take a very practical (and NON new agey) approach to using essential in your natural medicine cabinet
🧼BONUS class: homemade personal care items - like lip balm, lotion, face scrub, DIY bath bombs and more! 

In addition to the five days of teaching lessons (which you will get lifetime access to), you will also get over 50 recipes to help you out this ALL into action! Recipes include: 
✨ homemade vapor rub
✨  earache oil
✨  cough syrup 
✨  immune boosting tinctures 
✨  sore throat spray 
✨  flu fighter capsules 
✨  calendula salve 
✨  boo boo spray 
✨  sleep salve

Check it out here! 

We kick off 11/6

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Hello, I'm Jami Balmet!

Welcome! I've been doing online ministry for over a decade. As I've gotten married, had to figure out what it means to run a godly household, ventured into motherhood, and waded through grief, I've shared my journey with you. I'm glad you are now on this journey with me as we ALL discover what it means to bring glory to God within our homes...and how we can find joy in the everyday. 

Calling. Craft.

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There is something truly special happening, within this community of women who want to bring glory to God!

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Kingdom Focus
My Homemaking Mentor Members

I can’t even say how encouraged, excited and equipped I feel to rise up into my role as a homemaker after going through this course! Jami has a profound grasp on what it means to find joy in your home and offers a wealth of practical advice for how to get there. What a gift!

Katie Bennett
Embracing a Simpler Life

Isn’t joy something we all want for ourselves and our families? That’s why I appreciate the inspiring wisdom Jami offers in her course to help bring peace and joy right into our very own homes.

Lisa Jacobson
Club 31 Women

This conference really helped me find joy in my homemaking and see that those never ending chores are not in vain, but that they're done for the Lord! It's a work in progress but my home is becoming a happier place - our haven!

Emily T
2016 Conference Attendee

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