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Are you ready to take some time to focus on your marriage but you don’t know where to start?

Do you wish you and your husband spent more time talking, laughing, and having fun together?

Three Christian bloggers have come together to give you the ultimate bundle to help you strengthen your marriage!

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This romantic printable bundle gives you all the tools that you need to focus on your husband, show him love and respect, and start to have more fun together…

…And at over 50% OFF the normal price, it’s a fun and affordable way to strengthen your marriage!

Rekindling Romance eKit – Normally $11.95

By Jami Balmet from Young Wife’s Guide

Do you want to reignite the spark in your marriage but are not sure where to start or lack the time to think up new ideas?

Romance is a huge part of marriage and can be oh so enjoyable! But what happens when the romance dies? Where do you end up when intimacy and romance are pushed to the back burner because of busy life?

That’s why Jason and I have come together to create The Rekindling Romance eKit – 7 Ideas to Help you Reignite the Spark in your marriage!

This kit works well to give you romantic gift and date ideas for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, your husband’s birthday, or just because! Inside the kit you will find 7 romantic gift and date ideas sure to reignite that spark in your marriage!

What’s Included:

  • 13 page eBooklet with date and gift idea details
  • Coupon Book Printables
  • Romantic Gift Basket Checklist
  • A Strip Newlywed Game
  • 10 Things I Love About You Printables
  • 10 Quotes on Love and Marriage Printables
  • Scavenger Hunt Printables
  • Romantic Night In Printables
  • Mix CD Cover Printable

90 Date Night Questions – Normally $2.99

By Katie Bennett from Embracing a Simpler Life

Do you make the time for date nights with your husband, only to figure out you don’t know what to talk about (or the conversation just isn’t that deep)?

Add a fun and purposeful element to your date nights with these 90 questions!

This product contains nine printable lists of 10 questions each, intended to be used on nine separate dates. Simply purchase, print and cut, and you’ll be ready to go in minutes.

Each list has been carefully crafted with a nice variety of questions, both light-hearted and deep to guide your evening. These questions are intended to help you dig deeper, find new topics of conversation and add an extra touch of fun and intentionality to your date nights.

They have been crafted with Christian, married couples in mind.

How to Plan a Marriage Retreat for Two – Normally $5.99

By Katie Bennett from Embracing a Simpler Life

Are you tired of seeing your marriage swept along in the current of life without clear direction? Are you ready to intentionally grow and prayerfully chart a course forward in the coming year?

If so, the How to Plan a Marriage Retreat eBook is for you!

In this 13 page eBook includes how to plan and structure your own personal marriage retreat, as well as six printable exercises to guide your time for maximum benefit.

My husband and I love our marriage retreats! We do one each year around our anniversary, and they allow us to reconnect and reevaluate our marriage. We set goals, have hard conversations, establish priorities, and spend time together and with God. Oh, and we also like to have fun! By the end of this getaway each year we are on track and full of purpose and vision.

Plan a marriage retreat with your spouse today! You’ll soon see why we love it!

The printable exercises included are:

  • Discerning Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Identifying Priorities
  • Setting Goals
  • Defining Focus
  • Creating a Marriage Purpose Statement
  • Considering “the kids”

30 Days of Loving Your Man – Normally $5.99

By Caroline Allen from The Modest Mom Blog

A 30 day challenge to show your husband some serious affection!

This 30 day marriage challenge is meant to get you out of your rut and back into loving your man! I’ll warn you though, it might put some serious spice back in your marriage. You’re husband won’t know what’s gotten into you!

Follow along with 1 challenge a day for 30 days to help reconnect with your husband. (PLUS 30 love note cards to help you love on your man)!