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Do you ever struggle keeping track of your Spiritual Disciplines?

Things like prayer requests, Bible study notes, and sermon notes? 

I've tried several systems throughout the years but I could just never keep up. So I created my own system and it has changed my worship time with the Lord!

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An organization system that allows you to use your time more wisely!

I've always wanted one spot to keep all my Spiritual Disciplines, but I still needed plenty of room and space to write. 

I tried keeping everything in ONE notebook....but it was too hard to figure out how much room I needed and I was always running out of space. (Or it just turned into a chaotic mess!)

I tried keeping everything in multiple notebooks...but I was always losing them and couldn't keep track of where they were when I needed them. 

I tried keeping lists and notes on my phone or computer...but I would just never use them. 

And I've tried doing nothing...but my Spiritual Disciplines suffered when I wasn't being intentional and focused. 

I finally found the perfect solution! 

After years of trying out different methods and jumping between notebooks, I was introduced to the concept of Traveler's Notebooks. Basically a TN is a leather notebook cover that has bands inside. You then slip individual notebooks in those bands. 

The notebooks are interchangeable, you can put a new one in when you fill one up, and the customization options are endless! 

Inside my Spiritual Disciplines Notebook are these 5 individual notebooks: 

  • Prayer Journal
  • Sermon Notes
  • Bible Study Notes
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Scripture Writing

I use my notebook in the morning when I do my daily Bible reading and prayer, I carry it with me to Church along with my Bible to take notes during the sermon, I bring it with me in my purse to our bi-weekly Bible study so I can write down prayer requests, and more. 

I use my Spiritual Disciplines Notebook every single day, many days it's multiple times a day! And once a notebook fills up, all I have to do is print a new one and replace it! 

This has been one of the best investments I've made when it comes to my spiritual disciplines. Want a peek inside? Watch the video below for a real, up close look inside the notebooks and how I use them!


Your 5 Notebooks Include:

Notebook #1

Gratitude Journal Notebook

This was the very first notebook that I decided I needed. I knew that I needed to be more thankful and turn that praise back to God more. But I was struggling to do that. 

So I found the idea of creating a Gratitude Journal. You write down one thing each day that you are thankful for. The amazing thing is when you look back a month later, or a year later and you find things written that you don't even remember. 

It becomes to easy to turn our heart and our praise to God when we see these laid out week after week. 

Notebook #2

Bible Study Notes 

This is one notebook that I didn't even realize I needed. My Bible Study notebook has become one of my most used notebooks as I use it day in and day out. The blank format of the notebook allows you to use it with whatever Bible study you use. 

You can use it once a week or daily as you read and study God's Word! You can use it to write down one key take away each day that you read (like I do) or use each page as an in depth Bible study page. 

You can fill out a whole page a day, use one page per week (like I do), or set aside a few quiet evenings a month at your local coffee shop for some more in depth study. 

Notebook #3

Prayer Journal Notebook

How often have you told someone, "I will be praying for you" but then you go on your merry way and never remember to pray for them again? Sadly, this happens a whole lot more than I want to admit. 

So this year I decided I was going to keep track of prayer requests more and get more serious with my prayer time. Using a prayer journal has changed the way I do this and has caused me to be deeper in my prayer than ever before. 

You can use the sheets however works best for you. You can use one sheet per week to keep track of weekly prayer requests. Or use a single sheet for one person or family to keep track of prayers. 

So I usually use a page per family/person/bible study. For example, I keep one page for my immediate family where I write down one prayer request for each person for that week/month. I also use a different sheet to record the prayer requests given at my bi-weekly Bible study. 

This has allowed me to be more consistent and deep in my prayer life and it allows me to follow up and remember all those prayer requests that I want to follow up on! 

Notebook #4

Scripture Writing Notebook

One of the best ways to meditate more on God's Word is through Scripture Memorization or writing out passages of Scripture. With the Scripture Writing Notebook, you can do both easily! 

The notebook comes with lined pages so you can either write out passages of Scripture or use it to write out and memorize passages (or both)! 

I like to take key verses from my Bible Study time and write them out/memorize them in this notebook. 

Notebook #5

Sermon Notes

This notebook has taken me by surprise with how handy it is! I bring my journaling Bible and my Spiritual Disciplines Notebook with me to Church. I love writing out my notes during the sermon but it's so easy to then lose those notes. 

I love being able to review week after week of my sermon notes, I can reference something my paster said or a passage we covered from weeks before. I can flip over to my prayer requests during the sermon to write something in. 

It has helped me to stay focused and go deeper with my sermon notes. 

*NEW* Bonuses!! 

Now to get even more out of your Spiritual Disciplines Notebooks, I've created 3 free bonuses for you! When you purchase the notebooks, you will also get: 

  • Bible reading Checklist (check off each chapter of the Bible as you read)
  • Color the Bible Checklist (color in each book of the Bible as you read)
  • 4 Scripture art prints/cards (depending on how you print)
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