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A Heart for Hospitality eCourse

What it means to serve God from within your home through hospitality?

But maybe you don't know where to start or are too afraid to jump in? A Heart for Hospitality eCourse is here to help you deal with those fears and insecurities and gives you the tools you need to confidently extend hospitality - All for God's Glory!

A Heart for Hospitality Course contains 9 video lessons. Throughout the course we cover:

  1. An intro to Biblical Hospitality
  2. What is Biblical Hospitality? 
  3. Preparing Your Heart and Home for Hospitality
  4. How to Practice Hospitality on a Budget
  5. Small space hospitality
  6. Extending hospitality on a budget
  7. Extending hospitality to your own family
  8. Encouraging one another on toward hospitality
  9. Unusual Ways to Extend Hospitality

Discover the Joy in Biblical Serving with A Heart for Hospitality eCourse!
Take the first steps today with our all new practical video eCourse on learning the Biblical art of serving others!
Transform Your Home By Following the Biblical Command to Extend Hospitality!
Along with the 9 video lessons, we also have a BONUS for you! 

BONUS: A Hospitality Binder

You will get a bonus printable kit to make your very own hospitality binder! The hospitality binder contains: 
  • Your hospitality mission statement
  • Invite list
  • Meal plan cards
  • Name place cards
  • Quick cleaning list (to extend hospitality quickly!)
  • A kitchen equivalents chart
  • Recipe cards
  • And Scripture verses to memorize as a family! 

A Heart for Hospitality eCourse

Get access to my comprehensive hospitality course as well as a beautiful and very helpful hospitality binder! This course and printable binder gives you everything you need to feel comfortable extending Biblical hospitality! 

$34.95 USD