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Need to get your kitchen back in order??

We've developed the most incredible group of ladies who are all working on getting their kitchens in order, cooking healthy, working on that grocery budget, and cooking delicious meals. So I am VERY excited to introduce a new monthly collective to learn and grow in ALL areas of our kitchens together:


October: Crockpots & Pressure Cookers Month!! 

This is going to be our best month yet! Join Crocktober as we share training videos, tutorials, and lots of recipes. This month, instead of sticking to just one category (breakfasts for example), we will be sharing crockpot & pressure cooker recipes in a bunch of categories: breakfasts, snacks, drinks, desserts, dinners, and more (and don't worry, you get lifetime access to the content to go through whenever)!

All month long we will be diving into ways we can make our kitchens healthier and more simple, and quick & simple RECIPES that you can tailor to your own families preferences. 

I seriously can't wait to learn and grow together this next month. 


BONUS: Want a 30 day healthy meal plan that's 100% done for you?

As a bonus to our collective, you'll also get our done for you 30 day healthy meal plan. Yes, that's right! We have done all the heavy lifting for you by creating a full meal plan - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - that are all based on real, whole foods (nothing processed and no junk)! All you have to do is print (or pull up on your phone) and head off to the grocery store!

What's Included in the Collective?

You will get everything you need to change your kitchen this year - in a fun and easy way! Here's what you'll get.

A new topic each month

Here's the beauty: Each month we are going to have a different focus in our kitchen. Within each focus, you will get to tailor the challenge to your own eating preferences and goals. 

In August, we covered everything Breakfasts and September we covered 30 Minute Dinners (which you'll get immediate access to). 

And now in October, we are tackling crockpots & pressure cookers (i.e. instantpots). We will cover:

  • Teaching & videos on how to use both, where to buy them, and more. 
  • 8 of my own family favorite recipes (might end up being more than this!)
  • And other fantastic teachings, videos, & turorials

Hint hint: November will be another brand new topic. We will be working through all areas of your kitchen: Freezer cooking, lunches on the go, and more. Join the collective and let me know what YOU want to work on. 

BONUS: 14 Day Challenge

We did this bootcamp live in June and now you'll get bonus access to it when you sign up for our brand new collective.

If you missed out doing it with us in June, now you can! If you already went through the bootcamp, now is your chance to take another 14 days to do it even better! 

It features: 14 daily short videos with training & encouragement for your kitchen. Worth $19.99

Group for accountability & encouragement

I'll be perfectly honest - my biggest struggle with meal planning, or sticking to a new grocery budget or getting dinner done each just the accountability of it all. Getting it done! 

So a fun part of our collective will be working through each of these different areas in our kitchens together - let's challenge and encourage each other! Worth $9.99

BONUS: Family Recipe Binder

One of the things I wanted to accomplish throughout this collective  (and have you accomplish too) is creating a family recipe binder full of YOUR family's favorite recipes and meal plans - done and ready to use. 

As a FREE bonus, you'll get access to my printable Family Recipe Binder so we can all create one together. Worth $9.95

BONUS: 30 Day Real Food Reset

Would you like a done for you 30 day meal plan based on real food with NO processed ingredients? Okay - here you go! Use this as your base for the next month - or tuck it away for another time. Worth $19.99

Pay what you can! 

I'm testing out a new way to do payments for some of our projects. My heart would be to give everyone every resource that they need at anytime. BUT we have a ton of costs to maintain our digital ministry AND this is my husband's full time job. So by purchasing products from us, you keep us producing these amazing products, our podcast, and all we do - thank you!! You are supporting a small business and family 💕

So for the first time, I want to introduce this concept of paying what you can. The full normal price I would charge for this is $19.99 per month. Pay that if you can (thank you so much for your support of our ministry). And if you can't, no problem! I've got two other options - pay $5 or $10 if you can swing it (and thank YOU so much for your support as well). I will be testing out this concept of paying what you can to see if it's something that would work for our upcoming 2022 conference.

If you need a full scholarship to the collective, please email me and we can work it out! [email protected] If you would like to contribute to our scholarship fund, you can purchase the collective twice and then email me to let me know to make a month available as a scholarship spot to someone.

$19.99 per month

Get full access to the collective - thank you for your support of our ministry! 



$9.99 per month

Can't afford the full $19.99 this month? No problem, you can pay us $9.99 for the collective. 



$4.99 per month

If you're on a budget right now but still want to join us, then this option is for you. I'm so glad you can join us! 


Jump in right now! 

You will get instant access to the community group, the 30 day real food reset, family recipe binder, 14 training videos on meal planning + ALL of August's & September's content!

October 4th we are kicking off Crocktober!! (Join at any time in the month)

What could your kitchen look like in one year from now? What would it be worth to you to utterly gain control of your kitchen? Join us as we all do it together. 


September's Full Schedule (I'll update with October's full schedule on the 4th)

Want to see exactly what we will be covering this month? Here you go! You'll get lifetime access to September's Collective - so join anytime!

Kick off: September 1-3rd

Our live class for this month will be on: Learning to Prep Ahead/Batch Cooking Tips

  • Wednesday Sep 1st - Live Class: @ 6pm EST / 3pm PST
  • Thursday Sep 2nd - Discussion: Dried Beans (how to make tutorial + several recipes)
  • Friday Sep 3rd - Recipe: Burrito Bar

Week 1: September 6-10th


  • Monday Sep 6th - Recipe: Fish Tacos
  • Tuesday Sep 7th - Discussion/Tutorial: How to cook a whole chicken (Several ways)
  • Wednesday Sep 8th - Recipe:  Easy chicken + mashed potatoes
  • Thursday Sep 9th - Discussion/Tutorial: How to make bone broth (so easy!)
  • Friday Sep 10th - Recipe: Egg Drop Soup


Week 2: September 13-17th


  • Monday Sep 13th - Recipe: Easy Stir fry
  • Tuesday Sep 14th - Discussion/Tutorial: How to choose healthy tortillas (OR make your own)!
  • Wednesday Sep 15th - Recipe:  Chicken chili
  • Thursday Sep 16th - Discussion/Tutorial: How to prepare side veggies in a yummy and easy way (ideas + recipes)
  • Friday Sep 17th - Recipe: The BEST Tomato Soup + Grilled Cheese (plus other ideas to dip instead of grilled cheese)

Week 3: September 20-24th


  • Monday Sep 20th - Recipe: TBA
  • Tuesday Sep 21st - Discussion/Tutorial: How to choose a good salsa (Plus how to make your own)
  • Wednesday Sep 22nd - Recipe:  Salsa Chicken Bowls
  • Thursday Sep 23rd - Discussion/Tutorial: Easy biscuits as sides for soups
  • Friday Sep 24th - Recipe: Veggie Loaded Hamburger Soup

Week 4: September 27-Oct 1st


  • Monday Sep 20th - DiscussionTBA
  • Tuesday Sep 21st - RecipeHealthy Spaghetti
  • Wednesday Sep 22nd - DiscussionTBA
  • Thursday Sep 23rd - RecipeHealthy Lasagna
  • Friday Sep 24th - DiscussionTBA

Crockpots & Pressure Cooker month ends in:

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