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Leah's Session: Rooted: Grow Where You're Planted to Change the World

Two quotes frame the pull on me as a mother. They are "If you want to change the world, go home and love your family" and "Grow where you are planted." So how do we go home and love our families, and grow in the gifts God has given us? And does that really change the world? We'll talk about family mission statements and how they help us grow right where we are planted to change the world.

Do you want to discover more joy & peace in your home?

2020 has been a rough year for all of us for a whole variety of reasons. There are global reasons why this year might have been tough, and I know so many of us are also struggling with personal things in this last year (or decade)! 

But enough is enough! God promises us peace & joy, even if the world seems to be falling apart. So that's why I'm declaring 2021 to be our best year yet!

Wanna know why? 

It's not because everything will go perfectly to my plan. It's not because life will suddenly become easy. It's not because my trust is in politics or anything else in this world. 

I think 2021 can be our best year yet because we can place our hope, trust, joy, and peace in the Lord. 

But that can be tough. If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or even fearful... just know that you are NOT alone. Even when we KNOW our joy should be in the Lord, it's another thing entirely to actually put that into practice in daily life. 

Whether 2020 pushed you over the edge into total overwhelm, or you were ALREADY feeling it, I've got good news and HOPE! 

We can recapture true joy and peace in our home and family. 

That's why I want to invite you to join us for for the 2021 Homemaking Ministries Online Conference. Our theme this year is Finding Joy in Your Home. 

Good News! Finding more Joy & Peace in your Home IS possible!

My name is Jami Balmet, and I'm the host of our 7th annual online Homemaking Conference for Christian women. 

I know what it's like to be BURIED, overwhelmed, and even feeling defeated in your home. 

But I also know what it's like to discover purpose, joy, and peace again in my life, and that's what we encourage you with in this incredible online event. 

This conference is 7 years in the making...

This is our 7th annual Homemaking Ministries Online Conference! We've had 6 incredible years of this conference, and this year we are back with our best theme yet: Finding Joy in Your Home!

Do you feel overwhelmed and like your house is a bit out of control? 

When I got married - I had ZERO idea how to run and manage a home. No cooking skills, zero household management abilities...but I was excited to learn. 

God had a wonderful (But hard) plan for our family and we started off with our first two pregnancies two years apart....TWO SETS OF TWINS! 😂

Our baby girl entered our family 18 months later. And 5 months ago we just had baby #6. (We currently have 6 kids, 7 and under.)

I'll tell you what, after having 5 kids in 4 years...I was utterly exhausted. Overwhelmed. Defeated. And I was struggling. 


It took a lot that year to remember to look to the Lord for my joy and peace. And it took a lot of management skills to survive life with twin 4 year old boys, twin 18 month old boys, and a newborn baby girl. 

And it still takes a lot. A lot of faith. A lot of trust. A lot of discipline and self-control. And a lot of prayer! 

No matter if your life resembles mine or is completely different...we all deal with different struggles and overwhelm. 

It's easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed with the kids fighting AGAIN...

Laundry everywhere...

Constant messes...

Impatience from ALL family members and so much more...

If you want practical wisdom and encouragement in any of these areas (or maybe in all of these areas), then I'm so excited to introduce you to the tool you need this year. 

The theme of the conference this year is Finding Joy in Your Home, and all 40+ conference sessions will revolve around this theme. (scroll down to see all the sessions & speakers)!

Register Today - Here's what you get:

  • 40+ conference sessions January 11-14th
  • Lifetime access to all the content (to watch & listen when YOU have the time)! 
  • A printable conference notebook to put your new plans into immediate action! 
  • And other fun surprises along the way! 

The conference will be live for 4 amazing days (don't worry, you get lifetime access to watch these anytime after) during which we will have 40+ amazing sessions! The sessions this year are broken up into 4 powerful categories: Finding Joy in the Lord, Finding Joy in Your Family, Finding Joy in Homemaking, and Finding Joy in Your Day! 

Grab Your Ticket Today

Grab your ticket now for this fabulous conference! It will be live January 11-14th and it's going to be amazing!! 🙌

Fully Online! 

A one of a kind community

There is no other resource out there like this for Christian women. It's a fully online conference where Gospel Centered theology meets everyday practical living. 

And the best part? You don't have to hire a babysitter, pay for a plane ticket, arrange a hotel, etc. It's all online so you can participate and watch from the comfort of your living room - in your pajamas!

Watch Anytime! 

Everything is recorded 

One really fun aspect of this conference is getting to participate live with all the other speakers and attendees! 

But as a busy mom with six young kids, I know that it's not always realistic or doable to watch along live. So whether you miss one session - or all of them - you can watch along at another time! 

We record all the sessions (at NO extra charge) and you get to watch them anytime you want...with lifetime access! 

Morning Worship!  

We will open the conference each morning with a time of worship

I've been wanting to introduce this for years. And this year it's here! Each morning we will all gather for a short time of worship before diving into all the amazing sessions.

Join the Community! 

Including a pajama kick off party

The conference sessions this year are obviously amazing, but the really FUN part of the conference is the private Facebook group community! 

You'll get the chance to interact with all the other attendees, chat directly with each speaker after their session, and participate in some fun parties and GIVEAWAYS all week long! The private Facebook group community might just be my favorite part of the conference! 

Are you curious what an online conference is? Or how to fit listening along into a busy schedule? Watch the video below where I share what this conference is AND some tips for when to listen in (hint hint: While making dinner)!

Register Today - Here's what you get:

  • All conference sessions LIVE January 11-14th
  • Access to the recordings to you can view anytime after the live event as well 
  • A printable conference notebook to put your new plans into immediate action! 
  • Other fun bonuses & surprises along the way! 
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