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Welcome to our 9th annual online homemaking conference. This year, we are doing things a little bit differently.

I am very excited to introduce you to the Hands-On Summit. 

This year, we are getting practical with hands-on homemaking help for your home. 

Step inside Jami's kitchen as she bakes (easy) bread with you and shares her favorite quick healthy snacks, join Katie who will study a passage of Scripture with you LIVE to teach you her method, Amy shares her secrets for reinventing leftovers in her home, and so much more! 

I think now, more than ever, women need help in their homes with practical, hands-on advice. This type of practical experience use to be passed down from grandmothers to grand daughters, but so much of that has been lost. 

Let's bring back the Titus 2 practice for women training women how to love their husbands and children, how to care for our homes, how to nourish our families, and more. 

The Hands-On summit will be the same Biblical content you know and love from our ministry + mixed with very practical help in your home! 

Now is the time to learn these essential skills. 

Do you ever feel like you missed out on some essential skills in your home? 

Hi, I'm Jami. This is my beautiful family. I love this picture of all of us but we are missing a new little addition to our family! I'm the wife of Jason and mom to 7 kids, 9 and under.

When we got married, I knew nothing about running and managing a home, cooking, cleaning, or how to juggle everything and plan my time. I had to figure it out all, boots on the ground. 

And it can be HARD. 

Would you like some help with it all? Check out our speakers down below because we are going to have so much FUN!! 


Register Today - Here's what you get:

  • Access to the full online conference replay - worship, community, and sessions
  • Lifetime access to all the content (to watch & listen when YOU have the time)! 
  • A printable conference notebook to put your new plans into immediate action! 

The online conference was live live January 9-11, 2023. Now,  you can pop into all of the sessions, community, worship, and more. Here you can see all of the speakers and sessions. 

Building Our Homes: Traditions & Legacy

To kick off this incredible 3 day event, Jami is going to start at the beginning: How do we build our homes as Christian women? How do we juggle the housework and taking care of our families WHILE actively building our homes and future generations. How can we be legacy minded with our routines and schedules? Jami will dive in and open up our conference with this fun chat.

Day #1 we have a very special session...

Lisa from is joining us to help you get everything you can out of the conference! She is the Queen of organizing and taking action and that's exactly what she wants to help you with in this conference. 

She is going to help kick off the conference with a talk on taking notes during an online conference. She will share a printable sheet that helps you with note taking during the sessions (to get the most out of the notes - you can combine this with our conference notebook)! Then, at the end of the conference, Lisa is going to do a "Putting It All Together" lesson about how to organize your notes/thoughts/ideas and take-aways from the conference in the most actionable way. 

--> This conference is jam packed with actionable information and Lisa will provide guidance on helping you implement what you learn and not lose traction once the conference is over. 

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Pay what you can 💕

Last year we tested out a new way to do payments. And it was so popular, we are bringing it back again! My heart would be to give everyone every resource that they need at anytime. BUT we have a ton of costs to maintain our digital ministry AND this is my husband's full time job. So by purchasing products from us, you keep us producing these amazing products, our podcast, and all we do - thank you!! You are supporting a small business and family and have allowed us to produce EIGHT of these incredible conferences💕

So, I want to introduce this concept of paying what you can. The full normal price I would charge for the conference tickets is $59.97 - but right now you can get your ticket at the EARLY BIRD PRICE of $54.97! Pay that if you can (thank you so much for your support of our ministry). And if you can't, we've got you covered! I've got two other options - pay $39.97 or $19.97 if you can swing it (and thank YOU so much for your support as well). I am hoping to use this model for future conferences as well - but we have to keep testing this to see if it's sustainable. 

If you need a full scholarship to the conference, please email me and we can see if we can work it out: [email protected]. If you would like to contribute to our scholarship fund, you can purchase the conference twice and then email me to let me know to make a scholarship spot available to someone. 


Get full access to the conference - thank you for your support of our ministry!! 


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Can't afford the full super early bird price? No problem, you can pay us $39.97 for the conference for the same access.




If you're on a budget right now but still want to join us, then this option is for you. I'm so glad you can join! 


Fully Online! 

A one of a kind community

There is no other resource out there like this for Christian women. It's a fully online conference where Gospel Centered theology meets everyday practical living. 

And the best part? You don't have to hire a babysitter, pay for a plane ticket, arrange a hotel, etc. It's all online so you can participate and watch from the comfort of your living room - in your pajamas!

Watch Anytime! 

Everything is recorded 

One really fun aspect of this conference is getting to participate live with all the other speakers and attendees! 

But as a busy mom with seven young kids, I know that it's not always realistic or doable to watch along live. So whether you miss one session - or all of them - you can watch along at another time! 

We record all the sessions (at NO extra charge) and you get to watch them anytime you want...with lifetime access! 

Join the Community! 

The conference sessions this year are obviously amazing, but the really FUN part of the conference is the private community. 

You'll get the chance to interact with all the other attendees and participate in some fun parties and GIVEAWAYS all week long! And for the second year, we will NOT be hosting this community on Facebook but rather on our own private community network!! <-- This is a REALLY fun change!

Are you curious what an online conference is? Or how to fit listening along into a busy schedule? Watch the video below where I share what this conference is AND some tips for when to listen in (hint hint: While making dinner)! I filmed this fun video for the 2021 conference. But the format and excitement of how it all works is the same! The only change is, we no longer do our group in a FB group. The group for conference attendees is now on our own private website, yay!! No FB! :D

Register Today - Here's what you get:

  • All 20 conference sessions 
  • Access to the recordings to you can view anytime after the live event as well 
  • A printable conference notebook to put your new plans into immediate action! 
Conference was live Jan. 9-11, 2023. Grab all the replays now - you get to keep everything FOREVER! 💕
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