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How about a 50% off sale?

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2020

For the past 6 years, we've held our annual online homemaking conference during the fall. We've ranged from September - November in the timing and its alway's been a blast! 

Fall has posed some issues though in scheduling in the past (back to school, other large events happening during this time, Thanksgiving, ect). Because of that (and the world being crazy right now), we decided to shake things up this year. 

Instead of closing out the year with the homemaking conference, we will be opening up the year with it! The conference this year will be held January 11-14th. And it's going to be absolutely wonderful. 

But I do know that many of you look forward to an extra dose of encouragement from the conference each fall (so do I)! Because I've heard that from a lot of you, I wanted to do something a little extra special right now to give you an extra dose of encouragement ;) 

We are doing a SURPRISE sale in our store. Here's the deal: 

Pick any ONE product from our store and receive 50% off!!

Just use coupon code: HOMEMAKING50 during checkout and it'll take that 50% off. This is our little way of helping you pick something wonderful to work on this Fall :) 

Everything else in our store 25% OFF!! 

If there are multiple things you want from our store, you can use coupon code HOMEMAKING25 to get 25% off everything else! We only do store wide coupons like this maybe 1-2 times per year.

So if you've had your eye on any of our products, now is the time to jump in. 

Here's what we've got for you: 

Any of our past conferences! 

We've got 6 past homemaking conferences you get can caught up on, a homeschooling conference and a Bible conference! You can get 50% off any one of these :D And/or 25% off several.

Each conference has it's own theme, ALL unique sessions, and speakers. We very intentionally design the conferences to be unique so that you can attend each and every one! 

You can check out all our past conferences here

PLANNING resources!  

Looking for some ways to get more organized as we head into 2021? We've got a selection of notebook planners that ROCK!! Use your 50% off coupon on any of these for a fantastic price. You can see all our different planners here

Want to organize your spiritual life? Check out our Spiritual Discipline Notebooks here. 

Or how about a full planning system for your home and life? Check out the Joy-Filled Home Planning System here

Memorizing Scripture? 

I LOVE having Scripture memory cards on hand to memorize Scripture more easily. And you can do it so well with our beautiful 14 sets of Scripture Memory cards!! Check them out here

How about some HEALTHY cooking? 

We've got a few terrific resources if you want to jump into healthier cooking!! I've got my course on grinding your own grains (and baking the MOST amazing things for your family)! 

We also have an amazing 30 day real food reset guide and cookbook!  

Plus a ton of other great things to look through! 

Okay there are literally too many things in our store to list. We've got an awesome course on Goal Setting for Christian women, an audio series on avoiding burn out, a course on hospitality and so much more! 

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