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I've got just the thing for you...introducing my brand new meal plan: 30 Day Real Food Reset!


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30 Days Real Food Reset


Doing a real food reset can be an excellent way to lose weight, figure out an allergy, kick out processed foods from your diet, and/or focus on eating healthy whole meals and ingredients. 

It's a wonderful 30 day focus to jump start your healthy eating success...but I know doing something like this can also be incredibly overwhelming!! 

Now it doesn't have to be: Introducing your 30 day Real Food Reset. We've literally given you everything you need to jump into your month of healthy eating in as little as 5 minutes! 


Want a 30 day healthy meal plan that's 100% done for you?

Yes, that's right! We have done all the heavy lifting for you by creating a full meal plan - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - that are all based on real, whole foods (nothing processed and no junk)! All you have to do is print (or pull up on your phone) and head off to the grocery store!

What's Included?

You will get everything you need to jump into your Real Food Reset. Take a peek inside your meal plan packet:

Full meal plan for 30 days

We give you everything you need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 30 full days! This meal plan guide gives you everything so you can jump into your Real Food Reset tomorrow without any hassle or prep work (YAY!!).

Detailed shopping list for each week

This is an incredibly time saving part of the meal plan - We provide you with the full grocery shopping list for each week of the meal plan. All you have to do is skim your pantry and fridge and then you are off to the store with your list in hand! How handy!!

Prep ahead instructions each week

I know how overwhelming it is to get meals on the table under normal circumstances, let alone when eating something special like a real food reset. So we've helped to simplify the process by giving you some prep ahead instructions for simplifying the meal planning process once a week. 

ALL the delicious recipes you need for your 30 days

This is seriously the best part - the recipes we've had developed by our amazing chef Diane are incredible (see below). Your Real Food Reset packet gives you all the recipes right at your fingertips to view however you like best - print them out or pull them up on your phone/computer. 

As a bonus: We have some additional resources to help you prepare and achieve your Reset!  

We have put together 4 educational videos for you: getting started, tips & tricks for your reset, what foods to buy (and where), and completing your reset journey and beyond. We will also have bonus videos coming out all month long as we do our own real food can watch and follow along with us! 

Jump in right now! 


You will get instant access to all 30 days of your meal plan, grocery shopping lists, all the recipes, and everything else! 

Now is your chance to revamp your health and your kitchen...with very little effort or time! 

We've literally given you everything you need to jump into your Real Food Reset in as little as 5 minutes! 


Want a sample of the recipes? 


I know it can be hard to know if a meal plan will work for your family! So I put together a sample meal plan for you. Download the PDF below to see a sample meal plan for the week, the grocery shopping list, the prep ahead instructions, and you will even get 6 random recipes from this month to start using right now!! 

Download your sample pack here!


Get your 30 day meal plan & recipes

I've got just the thing for you...introducing my brand new meal plan: 30 Day Real Food Reset!

GET 30 days of Real Food Recipes for under $20!

Frequently Asked Questions

This meal plan is designed for a family! If this meal plan is just for 1 or 2 people, you can easily adjust accordingly by cutting out a few dinners per week and eating leftovers. 

The dinners all serve 4-6. So for my family of 7 big eaters, I'll just be adding in some extra veggies or an extra couple of potatoes to make the meals stretch farther. 

The majority of the breakfasts and lunches serve multiple servings as well - but for the ones that are a single serving (like a salad in a jar), it's easy to make an extra one (or couple)! 

The meal plan works very well if one or two adults is following it exactly and the kids join in for all dinners and some breakfasts and lunches. If you want the entire family to follow it, you can easily double some of the recipes or add in some extra veggies or potatoes like said above. 

Good question! Our Real Food Reset is an excellent diet for those with food allergies or sensitivities. 

None of our recipes contain milk or peanuts. However, we do use Ghee which is clarified butter that has the milk protein taken out, in some recipes. If you cannot have ghee, you can easily substitute the small amount of ghee used for something like coconut oil or olive oil.  

A few of our recipes call for nuts in a very small capacity, they would be easy to just omit (NO peanuts are included though). 

Many of our breakfasts are egg based. However, you can do your own family favorite breakfasts instead if you have to avoid eggs. 

You are allowed to have seafood on our Real Food Reset plan but our meal plan is very light on seafood. We do have a couple of recipes that include tuna. If you can't have tuna, you could easily substitute canned chicken in those recipes :) 

Yes! This meal plan is 100% gluten free (and paleo friendly). It does not include any grains. There is no wheat, rice, beans, legumes, quinoa, etc. in our recipes. 

I know this is a main question for most people and thankfully, YES! You can still have coffee with your Real Food Reset! I won't deprive you of that ;)

Yes! We have designed this meal plan for real families! We have some delicious recipes that will break you out of the mold of "diet" food (food so good you won't even mind that you are on reset!) but it's all fairly simple, hearty, and delicious good! 

This is a hard one to answer because this is going to differ from area to area, how many people who are feeding, if you buy organic foods, etc. So I don't have an exact number to give you, but there are simple ways to keep the cost down when doing a real food reset like this. 

First: You are not buying ANY processed foods this month! That actually helps a lot in the long run because you are not buying a lot of snacky items that cost more. 

Second: My biggest piece of advice when doing a reset like this is to KEEP IT SIMPLE!! If there is a recipe that is too hard/too expensive, then you can easily skip it! For example, I went shopping this week for week #1 and in the middle of my Costco trip I decided to cut one of the recipes because I had SO much stuff to buy at Costco and my budget was getting really tight (I had a ton of other non-food or food related stuff to get as well). So I took that recipe out, purchased some extra potatoes to make the dinner the night before stretch and there you go, a cheaper week of meals :) 

We've made this meal plan very simple so you can easily adapt it to the way of eating you are used to or want! 

It's incredibly easy to adapt to Kept, Whole30, and Paleo! You can email us if you have any specific questions on the ingredients or adapting it to a specific diet: [email protected]

Full meal plan for 30 days

We give you everything you need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 30 full days! This meal plan guide gives you everything so you can jump into your Real Food Reset tomorrow without any hassle or prep work (YAY!!).


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